Google Ads Ireland – PPC Marketing

Why advertise on Google?

Google Ads Ireland –  SEO can take time to build, however with google ads you can have traffic from day one. There is many forms of  PPC (Pay per Click) advertising but for me there is no better way than google ads. Google have an advantage no other platform can offer and that’s buyer intent. Most people coming to your website via google ads have the intent to buy. If you need a plumber, an electrician or work done on the house you search for it on google not facebook.

So when you advertise on social media everyone you’re trying to target is a cold audience. Most are casually browsing or just enjoying downtime. You then have to target and retarget in an effort to warm them to your product or service. With google everyone is warm. If someone is searching for a product or service on google they already have the intent to buy.

Google Ads Packages

Google Ads Ireland

We have google ad packages starting at €49.00 a month. Plus if you are new to google ads in most cases google will credit you with €75 credit to get you started.

Optimised Landing Pages

Our wordpress websites all come with an option of optimised  landing pages. Landing pages are designed to convert visitors to sales or clients and are a must for anyone running a PPC campaign be it from google ads or ads via social media. Correctly optimised landing pages will also gave a higher quality score with google and will help reduce the cost of your cost per click and push your add further up the search results.

Our google ad campaigns are run monthly. You choose your own budget and there are no long term contracts. You can cancel or resume campaigns whenever you like.