Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing

 “The money is in the list” is an old saying in marketing and that is as true today as it was 20 years ago. In fact Ill correct myself its even more important now than ever. Emails are one of the best ways to help your business reach real sustainable growth. a strong email list is a huge benefit to any business.

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A recent study by Adobe showed that people can spend up to five hours a day checking emails. 3 hours on work emails and 2 hours on personal. Critically respondents also said they most prefer to receive offers this way. People using email are more receptive to offers and promotions compared to those using social media. Social media users tend to be on downtime or casually browsing and are more inclined to skip your adds/posts unless it really grabs their attention. 

Most businesses  (and marketers)are over reliant on social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter.  Some businesses have spent countless years building up a social audience only to have it all wiped out by various platforms. Organic facebook traffic for example is now down to 13% and its falling every year. Simply put if you spent 4-5 years building an audience of 5000 now only an average of 560 people will see your post.  Facebook have already warned people to expect it to hit 0% in the future.

Email Marketing

This is why email marketing is crucial to your businesses marketing strategy. At the moment most people are at the mercy of google and the social media platforms. One algorithm or policy change can mean you lose your audience or at least a large portion of them. The reality is now if you want full access to your social media audience you have to pay for it every time you post.

However if you have your own email list you can take your audience with you and you always have an open line of communication. When a user signs up to your list its basically an invitation for you to send the user details and updates on your products and services. Having subscribers on your email list is the key to growing a thriving business. This is why our viral marketing is so effective for growing a small business quickly. Every business should be looking to add to their list no matter how many users you currently have.

Marketing for Local Businesses

If you’ve been browsing youtube and listening to all the marketing guru’s your probably thinking Clickfunnels, sales pages or squeeze pages. Although there might be some similarity email marketing for a local business is a world apart from that. Marketing for local businesses is about building trust not squeezing sales out of people.  

High Converting Software

Every Website we build comes with email marketing software as standard. Website forms integration, Popup Software, Landing Page and Newsletter integrations. Our newsletter integrations work seamlessly with MailChimp, GetResponse, Drip, ActiveCampaign,ConvertKit,MailerLite and more. Please contact us for more details in relation to your preferred newsletter system