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Referral Marketing for CBD Companies from only €60 a Month.

100% Money back guarantee. If after the first month you don’t think this is for you Ill give you your money back no questions asked.

Referral Marketing is one of the best ways to get exposure for your online CBD Store.

With a CBD store your options for advertising are extremely limited. No paid adverts on major platforms makes promoting your products very challenging. Our Lead generation referral marketing encourages social sharing & email signups from those that visit your page.

How Referral Marketing Works

Our main goal here is to capture  as many email addresses as possible from those who visit your giveaway page. Once they enter they will immediately see a social share system encouraging them to share your page to facebook, twitter and messaging apps for further entries.

This is what causes a viral loop. Person A visits your webpage, enters your draw and then shares your draw. Person B then see’s the draw that Person A has shared and also wants to win. They repeat the process. Person C sees Person Bs draw and repeats. Anyone who wants further entries to your draw will refer their friends via social media, messenger, WhatsApp or email.

Everyone who signs up to your email list will then receive a monthly newsletter promoting your products and services. Every month as your email list gets larger you have more people who can refer their friends via your newsletter. 

This is the sample Draw

Enter your email address or any other email (demo@gmail.com will work fine) to see the viral share. 

Why Referral Marketing?

Referral Marketing

Referral or Viral Marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your businesses products or services in front of an audience. It is designed to build you a strong email list and to get social shares and encourages people to refer your business to their friends. Referral marketing will be of huge benefit to your business. Money back guarantee for applicable businesses. To know more or see working samples please email me at info@otbdigitialmarketing.ie


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